What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is the microcrystalline graphite material obtained by carbonized and graphitized organic fiber. It is a new generation of reinforced fiber which combines its intrinsic carbon material properties and the soft workability of a textile fiber. Each wire of carbon fiber has the strength after being spin. Currently, the most common used type of carbon fiber in bicycles is 3K and UD. Each strain of 3K material is woven by 3000 carbon fiber filaments. UD, also known as uni-directional, Has all the fibers in the fabric placed in a parallel direction.

Carbon fiber has gradually replaced aluminum alloy in the bicycle market due to its special characteristics. It is believed that the application of carbon fiber in the bicycle will grow increasingly exponentially over the coming years. The main reasons are that carbon fiber products can be made out of one piece, but aluminum alloy needs welding. Therefore, the appearance of carbon fiber will be more vivid than aluminum. Furthermore, carbon fiber is lighter and excellent in performance by nature.